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Adirectly marketing group worth it advertising.

If you're looking to maximize your business potential and attract more clients, customers, and sales, we have some exciting news for you. Our system has been proven to generate remarkable results, and we're eager to share our credentials and proof with you!

Marketing agency driven by results.

With over 100 different industries and niches under our belt, our unique selling system has helped generate $100 million in sales and leads. We've used this system to achieve incredible results for our clients, such as taking a lead generation business from $100 per day ad spend to $20,000 per day, transforming struggling gyms into wildly successful ventures, and launching a 7-figure supplement that we own internally because we like to practice what we preach.

We have countless success stories like these in almost every industry, working with small businesses to $100 million brands. To put it simply, our process the most enticing (and highest converting) tactic we’ve ever seen.


We play to win, every time. And we are confident that we will outperform your current ad campaigns. Every dollar you spend with us will come from the extra sales that our new campaign generates for you!

It's simple - we know that as a business owner, you've tried everything to grow your business, and most of it probably hasn't worked. You may have been cheated, lied to, stolen from, and extorted. But we're here to change that and help you succeed.


They sold you the world but at best, delivered the moon, and you're probably familiar with the type - the ones that give you meaningless updates on "impressions" on your ads. It's enough to make your blood boil. In a world where “coaches” coach coaches and most digital marketers lack the knowledge that matters, we don't want to waste time convincing you that we're different. Instead, we're willing to show you.

Whether it was a digital marketing agency, an internal employee, business consultant, or some self-proclaimed "marketing expert" that promised you results but left you with excuses, we understand the frustration.


We're not a fly-by-night company that just started yesterday. We've been in the game since 2014, which is like a million years online. But more importantly, many of our clients have been ranked as the fastest-growing companies in their respective industries. We've got this down to a science, a mathematical equation. But don't take our word for it, let's dig into the evidence we've gathered over the past decade!


Our ability to guarantee results stems from our one-of-a-kind approach. Unlike most digital agencies, we prioritize selling above technical expertise, particularly in today's digital economy. Our secret is a proprietary combination of persuasion techniques, world-class media buying, and the attention cog in the wheel. This approach is incredibly effective and can help any business excel. 

The key to achieving predictable and consistent results online is having a reliable and consistent selling system, which includes proven strategies and tactics that many digital agencies are unaware of. For example, we can:

✅ Significantly increase landing page conversions

✅ Create Google and Facebook ads that use a psychological based approach to grab your target audience's attention

✅ Utilize unique strategies for Ads to create more traffic for less money

We can also help you uncover new eager crowds, increase the effectiveness of your ads, and get convertible prospects to find you only when they're ready to buy.

Thanks to our experience working in a variety of industries and generating millions in sales, we know what works and what doesn't. We're confident that our methods will work for you. In fact, we guarantee it.


What makes adirectly different?

We offer a wide range of comprehensive services with expert knowledge. We pride ourselves on exceptional client communication so you know exactly what we are doing and how effective it is. We are honest and transparent with all of our clients so they can trust that their digital marketing campaigns are being managed with integrity and in their best interests.

How long are your contract terms?

Contract length is agreed upon based on your specific needs. We do not lock you in to a long term contract. More times than not, contracts are on a month to month basis.

How do I see my results?

We send reports to you weekly or daily through email. We highlight Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) specific to your business and goals. We also share what we have worked on and what is coming up next.

How often do you comunicate with your clients?

We want to be an extension of your team. Communication is key to making that possible. We will keep in touch with you as much as necessary to ensure your money is put to good use and nothing slips through the cracks.

How do I know if I'm eligible to work with you?

We work with businesses anywhere from the start up phase to corporations. If you are willing to take our advice and have the assets to get it done, reach out to us!

What are your prices?

Pricing is unique to each client. Depending on the services you are looking for pricing will vary. We offer fair pricing for each service.

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