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Tik Tok Ads

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We get it. You don’t want to be a famous “TikTok-er” doing awkward dances alone in your bedroom. But this platform is so much more than that. It's a powerful tool for marketing that can help you connect with large audiences and create content that's engaging and authentic.


TikTok is a great way to reach a younger audience, you know, the cool kids who are always on their phones. Consumers on this platform are obsessed with engaging with content, which means your videos will be seen and shared by more people. That's because TikTok's algorithm is designed to promote content that's interesting and fun, which is good news for your brand.


TikTok thrives on authenticity. Unlike other social media platforms, you don't need a fancy camera or a professional team to create amazing content. Just be yourself, show your brand's personality and values, and watch your followers grow. In turn, TikTok can be super affordable, which is great news for your budget. 

But be warned….you just might go viral.


Why would I hire adirectly® to run my TikTok Ads?

Hiring us to manage your TikTok ads provides expertise, saves you time, is cost-effective, offers a data-driven approach, and gives you a competitive advantage.

Because we run all kinds of ads on all kinds of platforms, we know what's trends convert the best.

Do TikTok Ads work?

Yes, TikTok Ads can be effective in reaching and engaging with your target audience. TikTok has over one billion active users, making it a valuable platform for businesses looking to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and boost sales. TikTok Ads offer a range of targeting options, ad formats, and measurement tools that can help you achieve your marketing goals.

However, like any advertising channel, the success of your TikTok ad campaign will depend on factors such as your targeting, messaging, creative, and budget.

How much does TikTok Advertising cost?

he cost of advertising on TikTok varies depending on several factors, such as your targeting options, ad format, bidding strategy, and campaign goals. TikTok Ads uses a bidding system, which means that you set a maximum bid for your ad placement, and the platform will show your ad to users who meet your targeting criteria based on the bid you have placed.

However, the cost can vary widely depending on the competition for your target audience and the ad placement. To maximize your return on investment (ROI), it's crucial to set clear campaign goals, optimize your targeting and ad creative, and continually monitor and adjust your ad campaigns based on performance data.

How to tell if a TikTok Ad is performing well?

You can tell if your ads are performing well by tracking a few different things.

  • Impressions
  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Engagement Rate
  • Cost Per Action (CPA)

If that sounds like a lot for you, don't worry. adirectly® monitors and adjusts these metrics daily. While also reporting back to you with how it's going!

TikTok Ads V.S Facebook Ads?

The main differences between running ads on Facebook and TikTok are the audience, ad formats, placement, cost, and metrics. Facebook has a larger audience, offers more ad formats and placements, and tends to be more expensive. TikTok focuses on short-form video ads and emphasizes engagement metrics.

The best choice depends on your target audience, campaign goals, and budget. Our team has the knowledge to help determine what fits best with your brand.

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